I have Outlook 2003 which has been working just fine the entire time since I got it in June. I had it already in taskbar and loaded on my pc fine. Went to bed, came back to reply to an email and suddenly when I hit "reply" it hangs the entire software.

I reboot the pc, restart Outlook and click reply again...same problem it hangs when "starting word as outlook editor..." message.

What's the problem? I have no spyware and did not make any changes whatsoever to my system since last night or yesterday in as well. No installs, nothing.

Winxp Pro
Office 2003

Did you try replying without using Word as your email editor?

Open Outlook 2003.

Click on Tools | Options

Click on the Mail Format tab and uncheck both:

"Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to edit e-mail messages"
"Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to read Rich Text e-mail messages"

See if that helps.

Also, if you open up Microsoft Word first and then open Outlook, do you have problems when you try replying to email?

Sorry I don't have an answer but I have a similiar problem. When I try to add an attachment I click on the paperclip and it defaults to 'my documents' folder but then when I click on the drop down to change folders, it hangs up. It does eventually come back but takes a long time and then hangs again whenever I try to go to another folder level. I hope we get an answer soon.

XP Pro SP2 with Outlook 2003


Wow...now that's a plethora of information... I bookmarked that one.

Only problem is I don't see where you can do a "Search". I don't see the option anywhere...

Anyone ever solve this?

I posted a problem about this and found a solution, or rather aworkround. My Outlook 2003 hanged up whenever my network printer wasn't turned on. The problem dissappears as soon as I swicth the printer on. Not quite sure why this all happens though.


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