I am looking for a good mail checker program that will notify me when new mail comes In.

You can't go wrong with Mozilla Thunderbird. Go to this site and you'll be able to download it. It's totally free.

If you leave it running (e.g. minimised) while you're on the 'net you'll get a popup message above the system tray if you receive any new mail.

Outlook Express does it all? It shows when you got mail in the righthand taskbar. You can have it wake you up by playing music or MS Sound bits?

I am sorry,but Outlook Express Is not for me,because I use webmail.

Outlook Express can be configured to read webmail. You only need to identify the url of the webmail server, and configure the new mail account as http mail.

Outlook Express handles all your Hotmail just fine, and as long as you identify the server address, it'll handle any other webmail just as well.

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