A little help? Recently video files have started to re-buffer every 5-7 seconds when watching on say, YouTube. Some videos play right through after short inital buffering, others stop and start all the way through. On videos of my own that I post to my site's server, others, including the support team at the server, can't replicate the problem elsewhere and the videos play fine for them every time.
For me, this is a recent development with no known changes to my computer's configuration. In other words, it dosn't matter what speed or size or anything I have. It worked before.
I have DSL and acccording to http://www.wugnet.com/myspeed/speedtest.asp I'm running at the speed of a V.92 modem downloading and below DSL speed uploading. Meanwhile Verizon says I'm being fed the correct bandwidth, but again, that doesn't matter-it worked fine until a month ago. Anybody else experience this? Any ideas?

Several thoughts:

1. Your ISP may have acquired a heavy using client that loads down the trunk.

2. The server computer providing the downloads may be deluged with users or spam attacks.

3. The weather can affect DSL speeds.

4. Look for malware.

;) This tool completely solved my download speed/stuttering video, etc. problem: TCP Optimizer
My download speed jumped from about the speed of a V.92 modem, about 55 kpbs, to the speed of an E1 connection, 2.07 mbsp.
Upload now at DSL speed: 76kpbs
It's freeware and here's a description and link to it:http://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php