When I setup WinXP it forced me to make another account, so I did planning to delete it later. I just want one user, the administrator account and no other users. Unfortunately I cannot delete the other account I made (which is also an administrator), nor can I change it from being an administrator. It won't let me from the user accounts thingy in the control panel. How can I delete that other useless account?

Doyou have a real reason to delete this new account? it is good pratice to always have a backup account that you can login to :)

The longer the account stays there, the lower my IQ becomes. I don't know why it happes, but it just annoyes me so much and I want it to stop. I really want it to stop. It makes me so mad. GRRRRR and lol iz so @nn0yin h0\/\/ ju$T SITTING OMFG LOL my mom is angry with me and I can't play today :(

I have no use for the account, so I'd rather just have it out of there.

No can do. The 'Administrator' account is a system one, and you need to have a user account to access the system. If it boots straight to Desktop you're fine. XP isn't designed to boot straight to the 'Administrator' account.

The account I wanted to delete wasn't *the* admin, it was *a* admin. but I figured it out anyway, as soon as I rememberd WinXP = Win2k + some stuff. I went into administrator tools, then computer management, then the users folder and deleted the user I don't want.

Heh, I guess the ugly luna interface blinded me. Too many... colors....can't....think...

You need to remove it though the Computer Managment console then, and not the "user account" interaface.

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