I have been troubleshooting this for a long time, this computer is brand new around 3 months old, and I am getting the following cases, here are the steps that I am doing...

  1. Press power button on computer
  2. Windows loads
  3. I press CAPS lock / or NUMLOCK to see if keyboard is valid while loading and it is
  4. Windows Welcome Screen is loading
  5. Login Screen is visible
  6. Keyboard + Mouse not working (they are lit up) but they are not working cannot press CAPSLOCK nor NUMLUCK cannot move mouse
  7. Pressed the power button on computer, Windows Login screen says Windows is shutting Down

Sometimes I am experiencing NO POST on Monitor screen as well which is annoying. So I was checking out why it is doing that on my new system ... So I got my laptop and tried REMOTE ADMINING to that computer...

  1. When Login Screen froze
  2. After a minute, NO VIDEO POST on monitor
  3. Went to my laptop, REMOTE ADMIN'd my computer
  4. It worked FINE, nothing wrong, I see my computer normal, I can move the mouse and keyboard and see the desktop

I tried swapping MEMORY, I have 4 GB of memory, and it still froze and still NO POST on SCREEN. I checked all my cables, and it is tightly connected.

It has been happening since day one since I bought it, and during 3 months having this pc, this is the third time that it has been happening.

So what did I do before it happend? I was playing Team Fortress 2 Multiplayer, and it froze, I cannot change windows, nothing, so I cold booted my machine (pressed button). Then my problem appeared... I tried to place the Windows CD back in and tried to repair, and said nothing to repair

So what may have caused this? What should I do? This has been happening on Windows XP, then reformatted and installed Windows Vista, and it happened again, then same thing right now.

Any help is appreciated...

It might be bad video drivers/card.

remote desktop doesn't use the physical card on the computer to display.

I'm assuming you've got a card to be able to play TF2, so try contacting the maker, check online if there are common problems with the card you have, see if there's anything you can do software wise, though I fear that first freeze might have been the death nell of your videocard.