Ok, where do I start, long story short, we had Vista, it sucked, formated the crap out of everything(including the recovery) yep, not a bright thing to do, my bad. Anyways xp is up and running but know the sound isn't working at all. I go to the control panel to turn the sound up and the option is there but it's not letting me turn it up at all.

we tried to download soundblaster driver but honestly not sure of what we are doing or what happened. To install the sound driver I need to know what driver is in the computer. I'm assuming the speakers aren't working because we havn't "trained" the comp to recognise them.

Can anyone help at all, man I wish there was a way to just get a new recovery for xp.

you need to find out what type of sound driver you need,
what is the name (manufacturer) of the pc,
is the sound onboard( meaning made into the mother board) or a sound card ( installed in the pCI slot.

go to Windows update and see if your sound driver is available to download via the update. Also, another option would be to go to your sound board's manufacturer site and check for setup downloads there.