I just got windows media player 10 and i downloaded these videos that when i open them say aquiring liesence. It does that for a sec opens two porn windows, so I close those and a little box apears that say play or cancel, so I assume they have found the lisence(dont know though). When I click play It comes up with a 5:15 min video of a black screen with a white verticle line on the right. Now normally I would think its the video, but I downloaded like 25-30 more videos of vering sizes and they all do the same thing??? Is it the license if so where can I get one that works? Oh yea these videos are from I-Mesh and a clips from movies, incase you needed to know any help would be very grateful. I don't know if this is where I should post this, also if anyone knows of any other sites to post my question on plz let me know.

First off, don't download videos from iMesh. You're just asking for trouble. Secondly, you got the trouble you're asking for; run the spyware removal tools that I have linked in my sig.

Basically, the version of Windows Media Player you're running is old, and has a vulnerability that lets spyware and viruses come in through the rights acquisition process. Let this be a lesson: piracy is bad, and you need to change or update your media player.