Hi there.

My boss is on my back to try and get something sorted with his e-mail. When he is double-clicking to open new e-mails 7/10 times Outlook crashes. It also does it when he is switching from folder to folder sometimes.

I have read pretty much all of the threads on the site about Outlook and have tried all of their remedies but nothing has helped. I have checked what driver his computer has and it is not NVidia which I have read can cause problems with Outlook. I have also read that when it starts to do it to open Task Manager and sort out msimn.exe or notepad.exe or even both but when I open Task Manager these applications do not show up. However, it states that OUTLOOK.exe is using a lot of kb's but at the bottom of the window the CPU Usage stays at 0% or at least does not go above 5%.

I've tried looking around at different things on Outlook and the general computer but nothing seems to have helped. I don't see this as a major problem but he does so I desperately need advice to get him off my back please.

Any help would be appreciated,

Many thanks,


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Your looking in the wrong spot.

Repair Word.

Also switch him to plain text and do not use word as editor and I bet the problem goes away.

It's word causing the issue.

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