I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with vista eating batter really fast. I had XP on my laptop when i got it well i got a free copy of vista from my school do i put it on my laptop now i only get about a hour of of battery life and with xp i could push it to 3 hours. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I have a dell inspiron E1505 core 2 duo

Are you running different programs on the vista machine? Do you have power save features enabled to make sure that the battery is being used in the best possible way??

this is normal. vista hogs everything from ram to battery life. if batt. life is important, get a bigger battery or tweak power options to dim the screen and use less processor and ram when unplugged. also, use hibernate and standby as much as you can.

Yes. I would also reccomend turning off Aero.

oh ya im using the best power saving possiable. I just miss being able to work on the battery for a while. I guess thats what i get for going with vista but i have to use it because thats whats out now and we have to get use to it.

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