It won't go away please someone help me. I'm a desperate 14 yr old kid that tried to download a game online and then IT showed up. I've run multiple scans with Spysweeper and Quarintined it and deleted it several times but it keeps coming back. I've done already what most people said to do. I've download Hi Jack this and Avg Anti Spyware.

Very serious prob. there.

This from another site:
Test ID: 50201
Category: Backdoors
Title: Backdoor.Prorat Detect
Summary: Backdoor.Prorat Detect
The remote host appears to be infected with the
Backdoor.Prorat trojan. This trojan allows
remote access to your system via port 58343.

***WARNING: We did not attempt to communicate with the trojan,
only verified that the port normally used by it was open. It
is possible that you may be running a different service on
this port.

Solution: Use an Anti-Virus package to remove it.

Risk factor : Critical

If you're not using a good commercial firewall and AV software now's the time to start. Block ALL access (in/out) to noted port if possible, that or any other that might become referenced. Until you do, in effect, they own you, at least while you're online.

As a firewall, I would suggest zonealarm (
It is good, free and easy to use. However, when you first install it, you will need to open each program which is meant to go on the internet. Then a popup will load from zonealarm and you will need to click 'remember this option' tick box and click accept. This will stop any nasties going in and out of your system.

Cant you do a SYSTEM RESTORE to before the crap got in the registry??

Then search for ALL FILES CREATED ON THE DAY HE DL THE GAME (And delete anything that isnt recognized) Then run a full scan.......

Good luck!