I suppose this problem has been covered over and over, but here goes:
I have an older machine that had Win 98 on it but bombed out. After many hours trying to get Windows to run, and since I had the original CD, I went ahead and formatted the HD. Now, in the process of re-installing 98 the demand for the product key faces me. I do not have it anymore. What to do . . . I got it to work in safe mode and was able to get to the registry and I entered a fictious number in the proper register line. Did the install over again and it will not accept the key number. Does anyone have any suggestions? Will I have to dig up my old installation disk for Win 95 and settle for that beast?

Thanks for any help,

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You can try calling Microsoft about this, although they officially stopped supporting Windows 98 and older OSs just recently. Maybe you will get someone nice on the phone?

Other than that I'd look to bump the machine up to Windows 2k (if feasable) or throw your favorite linux distro on it. :)


Thank you, cutepinkbunnies, for the quick reply. I was able to get the key from HP, the maker of my old computer. I reinstalled WIN98, but wish it was the second edition. Now I have the project of reinstalling all my apps.
Thanks for the help.

I'm glad you were able to get the serial number.

This is the kind of trashy trickery that favors the manufacturer at the user's expense if something goes wrong. It should be outlawed.

*cough* any windows 98 key works with any copy of windows 98 *cough*

Yes, thank you jbennet. I found that out while researching this whole problem.

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