My girlfriend was moving files around on her computer, nothing big, just images. She then got the Blue Screen Of Death, and so she restarted the computer.

When it restarted, it gave her the windows splash screen and then went to black and sat there.

I restarted it with last known good configuration, no luck, I did safe mode system restore. No luck. I did safe mode manually activated chkdsk. It ran through and deleted a few files and indexes and scheduled another chkdsk for after restart. Ran it again on restart, and it ran through deleted a few things, and then said it was restarting and froze. Powered off and back on. Chkdsk ran again automatically, told it to cancel, froze when it said it was done. Tried to put in windows xp pro sp1 system disk to run recovery console. The system boots off of a SATA drive, when I run the recovery console, it says that there are no hard drives installed on the system.

I know its not the hard drive controller itself, because it has the files in safe mode. It may be a bad boot sector, or a corrupted registry, but I can't load anything up that will fix that because I can't get it to see the hard drive.

Any ideas?

did you fixboot or fixmbr in the recovery console,type help in RC to see command options .

The recovery console doesn't see the hard drive at all. It simply says that none are installed and to press F3 to exit recovery console.

.so you can go to safe mode and it see drive ,go in again and run chckdsk check it off to fix all errors and don't interrupt it ,also, not sure it will help , but if it were me i would open case and unplug hdd power cabele and data transfer cable and and plug it back in ,from drive and from motherboard