Hi all,

ive got a problem with my USB Harddisk. When i connect it to my desktop the hardware detector says that a new external device USB is found. But i can't find my USB drives? Its a 80GB Segate USB harddisk. You guys have any idea what the problem is?. Ive tried it on another desktop and it works fine. Don't know what the problem is? :S

Well if it shows up in the Device Mananger as USB Drive It dosent mean that it is Finding the Hardrive its jsut finding the Device. I had a similar problem with my Hardrive and i changed out the USB Cable and it worked. You have windows xp right? And what hardrive casing are you using?


Hi TJ, im using Windows XP. This problem occurred when i had to reinstall my OS.. It was working fine untill my OS crashed.

Don't remember the Casing. Will let you know in a short while. I plugged it onto another desktop and its working fine. Maybe i have to rename the Drives and try it out?

I see
You may want to run the "Add Hardware" because it may not reconize what type of hardrive it is and so it wont install it. So try that. You could try to rename the drives but dont rename C: leave that as your Main Drive.

Well let me know about that crash

IS the drive formatted? Is there a drive letter conflict? Check the Local Disk Management tool in the Computer Management console.