any ideas... totally uptodate good working XP pro on a large computer with no frills except dual boot to Kubuntu.
On updating via the redmond genuine etc etc SP3 installed and then completely crashed the machine and would not start beyond the blue screen of no not death stat up with error at ...! If this is the first timle etc<.

Will start in safe mode but no obvious cause of not boot.

have now restored back to SP2 and all works.
Any ideas why SP3 should be left in the rubbish bin? or is it just another microsoft mess?

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if you want to try i suggest you CREATE a system restore point then then give it a shot. i have only tried it in a VM. and it works fine.

And as always Bill will always have a patch for his product. the next version he should come out with is PATCH MICROSOFT the patch of all patches for all and any version of windows.


it was the restore that got me back to SP2... but I like your thought repatching all of rdmond... hence the Kubuntu...

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