ok i have two .dll file problems...one is the startup message whish reads that it cannot find file "C:\WINDOWS\System\bridge.dll" and secondly i also bought a brand new camera and i can use it but my camera also has a MP3 player on it and it doesn't allow me to install the program beacuse "C:\WINDOWS\System\sda\sdpaums.dll" cannot me found...please help me

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Well u can go to google.com and search those ddl files download them then put them in the correct directories

Probably not wise since bridge.dll is a virus.

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Probably not wise since bridge.dll is a virus.

Well, not technically a virus, but it's close enough that if I spit on a virus, I wouldn't care too much if I hit bridge.dll.

For more information about bridge.dll, check out the link in my sig. it should tell you a way to get rid of that particular message.

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