Hi !
I am getting this error 2 times a week .
monitoring paged pool and handles etc.. only showed that
services.exe and cqmghost taking anourmous amout of handles error starting when handles amount around
5 000 000 - 6 000 000

Windows 2000 sp4 , SQl 2000 sp3
Also system has installation of the program to which users connect through mapped on their computers network drivers

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

That sounds like a Compaq server...you should check to see if there are updates for the server from HP first, this may be a known issue.

Does it happen during backups? services.exe is a generic process tree, check this application out...I would use something like this to try and figure out which sub-process of services is causing the cpu to cycle...maybe you'll get insight as to where the problem is since it only happens happens at certain times. Good luck!

thank you for the reply.
The process which takes handles most is cqmghost .exe

This is just great: I disabled cqmghost and couple of other services one by one.
I was expecting problem goes away. What happened now
services.exe takes 9 000 000 handles and paged pool for 4 days grew up to 91 mb ( continue growing)

I found this article:

But it doesn't say much.

Does anyone was experincing that problem?