i using outlook express ver 6 , why the attachment file i received can't open at just click attachment files there? second question is i received the mail with hyperlink address , why i click the hyperlink add but nothing happen(mean can't to the i.e and browse)?

pls give me answer as soon as possible. thanks

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The reason you can't open attachments could be because of one liitle setting in Outlook Express... while in OE, go to Tools then Options. From that window select the "Security" tab. Once there, you should see a checkbox with "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus"? Uncheck it. Then click apply, then Ok.

Restart Outlook Express then try opening your attachment again
Hope This Helps!


I am having the exact same problem with my OE!

I have tried to uncheck the "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus"? box and restart OE, I then open an email try and click on a link to the net and nothing happens?

This isnt just happening in OE for me so I dont think its an OE problem. I also play poker online and every time I open it up I try to click on the links on that program but nothing happens?

Pelase can someone help me fix this problem!


Anyone out there that comes across this and knows what may be the problem can you please help me out ive tried everything!

Thanks Justin

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