i have a question
EVERYTIME I shut my PC down and restart it EVERYTHING freezes and it wont let me type or anything so then I have to shut it down again and do the retore point on it EVERYTIME...
Any ideas?????


um ok, I have no idea what this could be but you could try updating your virus definitions to the latest and then running a full system scan. You could also try running adaware, spybot and spysweeper, just do a search for them in google.

Hope I helped


P.S. how long has your system been doing this?

for a while now... I have updated my virus stuff
its wierd and maddening... It will let me right click on something then my curser just flashes and thats it...it wont let me do a THING so I have to shut it off by unplugging it then restarting it then i do restore to an earlier time/
I am stummed...any ideas please?????

So when you restore to a earlyer time the computer then works ok!if not .can you boot to safe mode and will it work in safe mode !! run you virus scan in safe mode.to see if it finds anything
hit f8 on boot up to get to safe mode

yes after i restore to an earlier time its fine again...BUT if for some reason I have to turn off my pc or it gets shut off it does it again.....
what could it be????
and thanks for answering...

I will still say virus ,did you run a full virus scan,check out the free ones in my signature ,

My power just went off for a sec cause of the weather here and it shut off my pc and again it did it! I wonder what the heck it is...???? I had to restore to yesterday... ODD!!! Does ANYONE know how I could fix this BAD problem????????????

Hi boogy,

Your problem could relate to just about any of a thousand and one things, and is most likely related to several of them at once.

You could start by reading through some of the documents to be found from this Google search:


You could then work through some of the more technical issues mentioned in these Microsoft Knowledgebase articles:


But if you're continually reverting back to the previous day or similar, I'd hazard a guess that you've got some quite well-entrenched system corruption, and perhaps a format and clean install would be the best move for you. Get rid of everything on your hard drive and put Windows back on it clean and fresh for a new start.

What make and model of PC do you have? Do you have a Windows CD, a 'System Recovery CD' or some other medium to refresh or clean install your system?

yes i have the restore disk.. I have done that atleast 6 times now... I wish there was an easyier way.... I have windows xp home edition... with 1.70GHZ 40 GB 56 k 128mb
any more ideas????

in restore go back to the farthest possiable date !!

Have you got all your Windows Updates downloaded and installed? Are you using up to date AntiVirus protection? Are you regularly using Spyware/Malware detection and removal tools?

This problem will most likely be recurring because of your Computing habits.

Does this behaviour occur immediately when you've used your Recovery CD to set you system up fresh and used Windows Update to download and install all your updates?

If so, you either have a hardware problem or you have changed some hardware items and neglected to correctly install the relevent drivers.

If not, and the problem only occurs after you've used the system for a while, it must be something that you are doing yourself:
Installing a poorly written or incompatible program?
Allowing the system to become virus infected?
Allowing the system to become malware infested?

After you've used the 'Recovery CD, install things slowly, one by one, and check that the system is still stable after each addition or change. Ensure that your Virus/Spyware/Malware/Firewall utilities are the first things you load.

You've mentioned power problems causing a shutdown. If this is a common occurrence in your area, you should purchase and use an "Uninterruptible Power Supply" unit to 'condition' the power supply to your PC.

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