Can anyone tell me where I can get the ethernet controller driver to get my internet to work? I have a Dell Dimention 2350 and I just had to reinstalled Windows XP home edition due to viruses. Some drivers were lost and now my internet wont work. I dont even know what internal Ethernet Contoller the PC has or what Drivers I am looking for. I have spent hours looking through the drivers on Dells website but none have worked and I dont have any of the original software CD's. Help!

Have you tried to call Dell's 800 support? Do you have access to another computer where you can download some files to a jump drive or burn to a CD?

You will need to find your service tag number on the bottom of the laptop. This is the website for Dell Support.
Just click on the service tag button in the middle of the page, enter in that number and it will take you to a website with the drivers. Now there will be multiple ones to look at.

Now while you are on that page, call the support line: 1-800-624-9896, and have that service tag number available, and the tech there should be able to direct you on which files you will need to download.

i have searched all but all my effort went fruitless

can any body provede any link to search