I downloaded this cd burning software however I do not know how in the world to burn a copy from another cd. Anyone here have and know how to use this program. Thank you.

Don't use it-- it's garbage.

I know it's free, but it installs spyware on your system. As soon as I installed it, I got a major popup outbreak. If you really need a burning program, try to download a demo of Nero or something, or if you have XP, use its native burning tools. Heck, I'd even shell out some money for a real burning program.

I know this isn't the answer you might be looking for, but it's probably better that you don't even fool with that piece of junk.

i have been using burn4 free for almost 6 months now, and i have had no problems whatsoever

You really do need to be very careful about "free" programs. Most of them cost something, even if it's not your money. They might cost in terms of spyware (you can of course say you don't have spyware, but then you're not supposed to know!), or in terms of other malware or giving up of information that may be somehow valuable to some pinhead somewhere. Unless you have the savvy to investigate properly, try your best to avoid "something-for-nothing" programs. There are lots of free programs that are perfectly legitimate, but in most (but not all) cases these are offered by companies that earn money from other of their products.

I couldn't actually verify that burn 4free has spyware. I just reckon its a crap program and there are better ones to use.