Hello everyone My brother has an original window xp cd and I want to burn it and make my own copy how do I do That and do I burn it as a image file or what kind and what kind of program would be good to do so? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE you all been so helpfull lately....oh sorry and when I reformat my CPU do I need a boot disk and how or where do I get one THANKS AGAIN.

Instead of burning a copy of the CD (Software Piracy) why not purchase a copy for yourself? :(

Instead of burning a copy of the CD (Software Piracy) why not purchase a copy for yourself? :(

well if i could afford it I will my dad just died so money issues are a problem and im asking for help so thanx for the reply sometimes you have to take shortcuts you know

Even if you did this, it wouldn't work because XP has to activated, and can only be activated on one computer (unless you purchase a license for multiple PC's).

Besides that, it's against forum rules to assist with pirated software

Sorry to hear about your father :(

well thanx for the respect but.... when I got my cpu reformated before from a guy at a store i didnt pay for a new copy and i had windows me.. and he installed xp.. for very little so im pretty sure he is using a copied disc so. thanx cause i know it works.

in that case the store deals in pirated software and is breaking the law (not surprising as many especially smaller stores do just that).
He probably installed a pirated cracked copy with the activation system disabled.

Be glad your machine no longer works as it now gives you an incentive to get legal software.

and no, we're not going to help you break the law.

I'm also sorry to hear about the loss of your father, but software piracy just pisses me off. I'm forced to pay for multiple licenses for anything I install on any of my clients computers and IMHO everyone else should have to do the same.

We do not support software piracy period and we cannot assit you :) sorry.

Best of luck.