Not sure if this is the right board but yesterday I've been having problems with my computer, I thought it would be the monitor cuz when I turn on the hard drive, the monitor and the modem, the screen comes out black, as if I haven't turned on the monitor at all. Now it's working but the screen is like as if I have it on safe mode, it's gray and the screen isn't stretch out as its suppose to be. I've been putting it on safe mode and on normal mode but nothing working. Help please.

Hi there,

I changed your thread's title so it is a bit more descriptive. Just a quick hint for future posts: When you post, try and compose a more descriptive title for your post. That way, people who might be able to help you can more easily notice your thread based on what you've described the problem as.

Ohhhh, thank you.

Well basically my screen looks like its on safe mode but it doesn't have "save mode" on all 4 corners.


I've been reading other post here and someone else had the same problem as I have and I followed the direction of a mod. So my problem is fixed. Thank you anyway.