Hi, I have recently installed spybot and similar programs like that. I have removed those spywares and adwares as the program told me to. However, my toolbars that worked without any problems started to disappear!!! They don't appear again until maybe I install something (not always so) else. I need the toolbar to help me stop the popups... so now I can't go to websites with lots of popups. :( I am clueless to why is this happening. Has it anything to do with the removal of spywares or adwares? However, I tried to install the toolbar program many times and they said that I already have the program. But I just don't see the toolbar! Recently, I tried the MSN toolbar... the toolbar doesn't appear too! However when I check under [view]>[toolbar] in the IE, it shows that my MSN is ticked. :sad: I just can't see my yahoo, msn or smiley central toolbar! Please help! Thanks

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well you probably right in the thinking that this has something to do with the spyware removal because most toolbars are spyware. Having toolbars is not good for your internet explorer it hinders it. I would just set your security settings in IE higher now that it comes with pop up block or you could just join the millions of ppl who have switched to the mozilla firefox browser. I like it better it has better security i barely get pop ups it has good extensions for it. you dont need the googletoolbar it has a search built in and it reduces spyware.

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