I am having a problem connecting computers on my network to the internet and was hoping to get some help. I am with shaw cable. The computers that wont connect are running XP (and Vista but i dont really need that one to connect).

Let me start from the top. I moved in to a new place, they had a modem but no router. Still for some reason we could connect two computers to the internet (I figured the provider was allowing us to have two IP addresses), BUT I could not get any other computers, except the two originals ones, to get internet (when i had unconnected one of the original two that were connected). So I figured we would get a router and that would fix everything.

Got a router, hooked it up, got both the previous computers running thru it but still cant get any additional computers to connect to the internet, I find this very strange. Also I uploaded an image of whats going on with my network. I dont know why my desktop is using Automatic Private Addresses, or why it can ping computer one but not computer two.

Please help!


also computer 1 is a mac, the router is a timecapsule or some crazy mac stuff, computers two is a laptop and three is my desktop, but are running xp

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