I'm running WinXP with a 250GB HD. I have the HD split into 2 partitions, (C: and L:). Well recently I realized that I have about 70GB of unallocated space, so I decided I was gonna add redistribute it. I start up partition magic and tell it what I need it to do. I then reboot and let it go to work. It starts out first resizing the L: drive. At about 17%, it just stopped. I let it sit for about 2 hours, hoping that maybe it would work itself out, but nothing. So I have to reboot, then nothing happens. I go back into partition magic and the partition that was once the L: drive, now instead of it showing NTFS, it says PqRP and shows as "other," and has no drive letter. In Disk Management, it shows as a logical drive and healthy, but says unknown partition. I can't rename it, or do anything to it other than delete it. If anyone has any ideas as to how to recover this, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

And if you ever have unallocated space, I strongly recommend Disk Management to format the space as a valid partition. It takes just 30 seconds to complete the process, including a quick format

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c: drive is unknown partition so i want to this problem solution

On your XP cd there is a folder named Support. Use dskprobe.exe that is contained within. Else use another XP installation to modify the disk mbr with Testdisk.
fixmbr will not do the job - it only rewrites the first 440 bytes of MBR code; it does not alter the partition table entries. Which is why it is so fast, it does not scan the disk for partitions.