Please HELP MEEEEE! I am at my wits end! I could easily dump data (usually text data) unto a printer connected to an LPT port using the following command - "print /d:LPT1: E:\tickleme.txt" but I cannot seem to do same to a printer connected to a USB (virtual port). What command do I use. How do I indicate the port in the command line. For instance in the above example, the printer port is given as LPT1 so how do I refer to a usb port. Its not just working. I have tried every thing I know. I need this help terribly and ASAP

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From the control panel, see the printer you have attached to the USB port. Right click and open the properties. Open the ports tab. You will probably see a list of ports, one of which will point to the device you are interested in using (For example LPT1, COM1,...DOT4_001 etc).

You can use the device name (DOT4... for USB) to send the file. If print command does not work, simply type abc.txt > DOT4_001 , etc.

Good luck

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