I can't believe how many people on here are still using internet explorer and wonder why there pc is having so many problems.
Do some homework people about the security risks with internet explorer.

commented: watever, ie is the best browser out there when it comes to security +0

ie7 with the ie7pro.com download is more secure than any browser will ever be, especially in windows vista. do some research before posting a bunch of rubbish like that. IE is the only browser out there that will let you view most, if not almost all websites. Check your homework, as you have messed up somewhere.

IE is definetly one of the best.... (I like how IE6 looks better than 7)

ie is definitely one of the best, but IMO, i think ie7 looks better :)

I Can show you websites all day long that shows you are pigeonholed into the bill gates ie excuse of a browser.
Choeckout this website
Once you read that try this one
Dont get me started on vista
People why not just get Vista / IE7 & Norton & watch your system grind to a halt or plagued with virsuses within 6 months.

VISTA is crap i do agree on that......

IE is a good browser my friend :)

Guys you need to relax,taste differs if you didnt know that read the above posts

and if you still cant relax....
Go to the Geeks Lounge:-)
cos there you can relax with the community.LOL