I'm having big problems with my comp... recently (over the past 2 or 3 days) it has been slowing down considerably, taking twice the time to load some programs.

The cpu doesn't seem to run noticably higher than normal either.

Forgive my noobishness... it's had a rapid slowdown and I want to stop it before it progresses too far!

Any and all valuble help will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


You may just want to run a Disk Defrag, Or a Disk Clean up, You also may want to see what is starting up when windows loads, i.e Aim, Google, Web search all that crap. Most of the time when you install those programs they all chose to start when windows starts. To stop that you have to open the program and go to settings and it will be in there. Aim has it on the login screen.
So check those problems and get back to me and if it dosent help we can try a couple differnt options.

NOTE: When you run the Disk Defrag Make sure your Screen saver is turned off and you have no programs open during that process. Times of completion depend on how big your hardrive is and how much stuff is on there.

Hope this helps