My DVD player doesn't work on my XP machine. When I try to play a DVD, whatever software I use says it needs to update. When I go to update it, it says my DVD players driver doesn't work. I lost my Driver disk. So I went to the manufacturers website, and it said that Windows XP would support it, without a driver. But even after updating Windows I can't get it to run. So does anyone have any help?

Windows has the built-in ability to access DVD drives but not the ability to play DVD movies. If the software says it needs to be updated, it is most likely talking about the movie decoding software needs to be updated not the DVD device driver.

I'm sure I know exactly what's happening. You purchased a machine that came with WinDVD (or some other similar DVD movie software). The machine played DVD movies just fine for a while. Now the software says that you need to purchase an upgrade to continue using it. What you are experiencing is the effects of trialware, software that is set to only work for so many days and then disables itself until you pay money to purchase a serial number.

You can either buy a retail version of a DVD movie player or you can get one for free. The free one that I use is VLC. I must admit that the software has a horrible interface and doesn't look pretty all the time, but it will play just about anything you throw at it, and it is free.

although that wasnt exaclty the problem... it ws close enough. i installed Easy DVD Player and now my DVDs play. But the video is fidgety like it is bogged down and the audio cackles a bit. i have 512 ram, and i am not sure what audio card i have. should this be happening? or is the Easy DVD Player just crappy?

Since I'm not familiar with Easy DVD, can you try running VLC and seeing if you have the same issue with quality?

yeah its the same thing. real framy and cackly audio. like its really bogged down

Could it be a region problem.

Go control panel > system > Hardware > Device Manager

Under DVD/CD Rom Drives, expand the menu, and select your drive with a right click, and choose properties. DVD Region tab, and select your country, US, and if the new region is different from the old one, press OK. (Dont bother if it is the same).

Just a thought.