I am on my son's computer because mine has serious problems... I am running Windows ME and IE 6.......... I keep getting the cannot display page error....... My 56k dial up connects fine but it seems to stop recieving shortly after I connect, it seems to be sending fine...... Usually stops about 300 Bytes received........ I have tried to delete a couple of spyware dll files but I can't change their attributes and it says that they are being used at the time...and can't be deleted.....I am a self taught user and may be missing something really easy .......anyone have an Idea what to do.... I also get a popup error when I boot saying something like UJETEW.dll has caused an error in explorer and if I close it I lose my desktop.....It use to work ok if I just drug it out of the way.........but I think my trying to fix this stuff I have made things worse......... Thanks ......by the way.......I am starting to suspect that "Steven" was the one who built this &*%$ DELL..... Inspiron8000. :cry:

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Um... this isn't Dell's fault. In fact, when you have a software problem, it's never the manufacturer's fault. Heck, your system is what, 2-3 years old now? If this is when you've started having problems like this, then that's a good track record.

Have you tried some of the suggestions in the sticky threads at the top of the security thread? Specifically, the one entitled Helping Yourself. If that doesn't fix your issue, and you've got spyware, you may as well back up your data, locate your system's original installation media, and reinstall Windows on the machine.

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