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I have several hundred RAR archives that I want to extract, but they each have a password which means I can't just select all of them and extract them at the same time, because it will ask me for the password for each archive - this is pretty time consuming and irritating. The password is the same for all of the archives, so is there any way for me to have them all extracted in one go (i.e. by entering the password once and having it apply to all RARs)?

I'm using WinRAR 3.71 with Windows XP Pro SP3.


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If the .rar files come in continuous parts for example, file01, file 02, file03, file04, and so on... You can just right click the first file and select "extract here" without having to enter the passwords on by one.

But in your case, it seems that the parts are not continuous. I guess there is no other way than to type/paste in the password on by one.

Yeah, they are all separate files, not parts of one big file, so unfortunately that won't work for me.

I understand that WinRAR can be run from the command line. Does anyone know how to use it in this way? I'm guessing that this would be the way to go, if what I'm asking is even possible. Entering a password 241 times in a row just doesn't sound like fun to me haha.


I figured it out! And here's the solution:

1. Make sure all of the files you want to extract are in the same folder
2. Go to your WinRAR install directory, and copy the "UnRAR.exe" file into the directory containing your archives
3. You need to make a batch file, so open a text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad or whatever you like, and paste the following line into it:

unrar x -p[PASSWORD] *.rar

Replace [PASSWORD] with your desired password (obviously). An example (notice there is no space between the -p and the actual password):

unrar x -pthisismypassword *.rar

Save this file with any name you like, but with a .bat extension (such as "extractor.bat"). This is important! Then, move the file into the same directory as the archives you want to extract (alongside the "UnRAR.exe" file from step 2).

Just double-click the .bat file and your archives will be extracted. Saves a few hours :P

This probably works with zip files, too. Just replace the *.rar with *.zip, or any other supported archive for that matter (*.ace, *.gz, *.tar, etc.)

cant get the solution to work, please help, the batch runs and closes

Thank You So Much ; it works like a charm for me ! i save many boring huors

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