My school website always translates the password I enter into a really really long one. It changes every time and confuses IE. IE always asks to change the password to the new one, but IE always records the long one. I don't want to switch back to Firefox or Opera.

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that is a security feature in explorer to throw off key loggers. so if you enter a 4 character password it will fill the password box. While this is use to thwart hacker sand key logger programs IE stores the correct password so when you visit the site and enter your user name the correct password will come up in the box (althought it will like like it's filled in the entire password box the correct password is behind those dots you see. NOW when you change the password IE will not know the new password UNLESS you log in on the web page and it detect that the password is different from thats in the cache. it will ask if you want to replace the password.


Does saying its Maxthon and 7 make anything better for you guys?

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