One of our users has reported that he cannot get web pages through internet explorer.
On first inspection I could not see any faults, it has full internet connection, it can ping the website he is trying to view and he can retrieve emails through Outlook express.
I ran CCleaner, registry fixes and IE7 fix to repair any ddl's but no joy.
I then installed Firefox to see if I could access the website bit again no difference.
All other users here can access this website.

Any ideas?

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Ill just rephrase what you said(no disrespect)
-you say all configurations is in tact within IE- connection options
-you ping and get successfull packets sent and receive
-Configurations on network settings itself(TCP/IP) is accordingly

what you can also check:
-on the server side check if his account to access internet isnt locked out. no more permission
-set all IE options to default firewalls etc in IE options
restart after changes


Hi, thank you for all of your suggestions.
I had already tried these but did double check I had once you suggested them but it still didn't work.
I actually fixed it just on a hunch, I uninstalled Kaspersky and it worked!
Had so many problems with this anti-virus, I should have known this would be to blame again.
Reinstalled it and restarted and it works perfectly.

Thanks again.

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