Hi ppl!!

My boss has put me a new problem :'( for me ] he wants users to browse only our [company's]official web office site and a few all other sites to be blocked.

can any one tell me how to block websites through group policy in windows2003 server, and all domain pc's arev xp proffessional.

pls help

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First of all we need to figure out how large your network is. It sounds to me like you either need to set up a proxy filter or a websense program. Some things are easier than others depending on the size of your network. If we are talking low numbers, your options open up a bit, if we are talking lots of computers, go with a proxy filter.


Thanks ...here are my details
Network has 60 workstations and 2 domain controllers.

can any thing be done with group policy as have to request mgmt to go 4 a proxy srv...


Here's something that I do... my school disallow students to access some webistes like deviant art. I simply use portable firefox to surf. because the filter only applies for IE.

That's how dumb my school's computer technician is eh?

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