i have a compaq presario v3019 and it wont turn on, it will stay like for hours then later when i push the power button again, the screen is still black but the power button is on, the wireless light is on, all the lights are on, I can even hear it running but the screen is always black. I'd appreciate any suggestions/help


Is your laptop still under warranty. Need ans to proceed to next step.

no it expired four months ago, my laptop is one year and half old. Today i had wait a couple of hours to turn it on. Funny i had to slap it to turn on a couple of times lol. When windows restarts..i get a blue screen (not blue screen of death) saying that ...missing some file in C drive and it gives me like hundreds of lines with the same message but with different numbers at the end of each line.

Ok. Once you manage to get into the windows, go to My Computer, then select your C drive, right click then choose tools properties, then choose tools, then choose check now then tick the both option there and try to restart your pc.

thanks for the quick reply. I did what you asked but my computer wouldnt restart, it just stayed off like always. I've finally managed to turned it on and it said "clean disk"
Later on i got the same message...hundreds of these but with different number after "DWH" this time i wrote it down


It looks like i have viruses and i run my antivirus and all those files which are ridiculously high were put in quarantine.

I not very sure about this, but last time I saw this kind of error msg, means you have to change your hardisk. Can you try changing your hardisk, just to double confirm whether the laptop is physically damaged or software problem.

*Not necessary to purchase a new hardisk, If you could borrow one

have u tried ompltey removng th bttery and then pushing the smlll reset button hiddin on hteback of the machine. make sure you have main/ transformer plugged n on restart?

Thanks for the help! I've managed to fix it somehow :)

I have a compaq laptop and it was having the same problem. My just stays black and I have no idea what is wrong with it. I scanned it for virus and it says it doesn't have any. I gaved up on it and bought myself a mac! My sister now wants my compaq but I have no idea how to fix it!