I am new to the DaniWeb Forums. I would like someone that knows well DELL computers and Windows XP Home to help me out.

I don't know a whole lot about computers and would like someone to be able to give me individual assistance via Remote Assistance. I realize many users are reluctant to use this..but my experience has been that there are some that are so devoted to help that they agree to use this method.

I have a DELL Dimension 2350 with Windows XP HOME SP 2. It would take forever to explain in writing on a forum my particular computer issues.

My question is: Is there someone here willing to help me via Remote Assistance.

I will anxiously wait for your answers. Thank you.

its hard to say, if we were to do it and we couldnt fix the problem, then we may feel like we let you down


you may be able to get someone with some expertise to help you, by maybe explaining a little of your problem like

driver not working, says this


program wont open says this, or just wont display

without what kind of problem you are facing no one will be able to decide wether thay can help you or not

Thanks for answering. My problem consists of several issues.. like..slow pc, pc freezes a lot, Firefox issues, IE issues and these are just a few. I really don't know that much about computers.

Maybe if whoever has the knowledge would contact me, I could answer whatever
questions you may have.. But it would really help if it could be individual help. Thanks.

Please.. I am depending on you guys for urgent help.!!


ok, do you have any idea as to the specs of your computer

processor type and speed


hard disk size and usage

the internet may be going slow if you have a slow connection

these sorts of things are the most likely but most expensive to fix

Thanks for your response. i assure you that I won't feel let down if you are unable to try; we won't know unless we try.

This is the information you requested:

DELL Dimension 2350, Win XP Home SP 3

INTEL(R) Pentium(R) 4CPU 2.00GHz
1.99GHz, 1.00 of RAM
Hard Disk 120 free space 93.6GB

I hope to hear from you soon.

I have a cable connection and I am working out of a wireless network via a wireless router(Likksys)


ok, before i were to try anyhting, i would ask you if it ran well beofre xp sp3

if so, then i would like to help you, however, to get it running as smooth as possible, because remote assistance, if that is what we are going to use takes a bit of resources, i would ask you to defragment
your harddrive, clear all temp files, and try having as few programs running as possible at the time, and if we could get a few peoplr in here as to vote on what remote assistance to use would be nice

remote assistance
other remote helper app??
thank you!

im looking back over your first post, and im guessing you got sp3 recently, because you say sp2 in your initial post, so perhaps this is the problem?

I appreciate your answer, Marlin.
The computer has been acting strange even before SP3 was downloaded and installed by Windows Update.

Regarding your suggestions as to how to do the remote assistance, I agree. I have already defragmented my computer, deleted the temporary files and deleted any spyware I found. I ran virus scans and they have resulted negative. and I will have
only the minimum programs required to operate.

Since I am not knowledgeable about other remote assistance programs, it would be simpler to use the one that Windows offers by default . I have Windows Live Messenger.

However, I would be willing to try other alternatives so I can settle the issues.

I hope to hear from you soon.


go ahead and post a log

then i have a question, can you get into your wireless router?

to use tight vnc, in my opinion the best remote assistance, you would need to port forward, i actually think you would have to do this with any remote assistance, if you can and you already know how to port forward, i would need ports 5800 and 5900 for tight vnc, and you can download the server from


hopefully we can sort this out

go ahead and post a log

Like i really don't care ,but to try and keep it organized all logs are to be posted in the virus ,spyware and other nasties section .forum rules .

ok, post it there and then throw me a link


I have explained before that I am spyware and virus free, for which I am convinced I should continue posting here..since I am requesting someone to give me direct help. Maybe this explanation was overlooked.

I am not familiar with post forwarding but will do it if once I get the direct assistance that someone explains the procedure.

Anone here available to help?


Well anyone who's willing to help you can use LMI as a remote tool to access your PC for free. There are a lot of website offering help by the use of remote desktop or access such as techienow.com they wouldn't cost you that much money and the cool part about it is they are gonna fix it right in front of you without you doing nothing.