hello, this is a small tip or how to on the following

if you have ever crashed a computer namely xp, and wanted the data, have you ever thaught of just putting it as a slave on another computer?

well there is one problem with this, xp protects certain things in an administrator account, such as my documents, and often, the entire user folder in documents and settings, now here is the cool part

if you have ever came across this problem, there is a way around it, so if you can follow me, good

from an ADMINISTRATIVE account go to command prompt (start > run > cmd)

then type at

it should say nothing scheduled, or something like that

ok, this is good

next check the time, as the next part goes off of it

type dont forget to add a minuite or two onto your time

at time(military 24 hour) /interactive "cmd.exe"

then close command prompt, at the specified time a new command prompt should pop up

(browsing to this file in cmd doesnt work)

next open task manager (ctrl + shift + esc)

and end explorer, this should close all open explorer windows and get rid of your icons, but it should leave your cmd open

in the cmd after explorer has closed type


this should log you in as system

you should now be able to access the entire hard drive, please note that all programs (viruses and spyware) also have this level of access now

ok, here is the technical part that i will not describe, if you have the folders, you should now be able to edit the PERMISSIONS to allow anyone to enter, note that even though it may sat administrator in the permissions section, you cant get in as the administrator listed has a different security id (sid)

thank you

more to come!

i tried doing the time .. it doesnt seem to work .. it says it doesnt accept and ask for a new time .. what do i do then ?

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