I have been having problems with my computer for the last 4 or 5 weeks which have been sporadic but seemingly getting worse. The problem is that I have continual crashes. For no apparent reason, the computer (Dual Xeon, Windows XP) crashes and restarts. My own tech has tried to figure it out with no luck. Ran all sorts of virus programs with no luck. Did a check disc, didn't find anything. On a couple full scan virus programs, they either didn't find anything or the computer crashed while they were running. My pc is a station I can't connect to the internet (I am on my mac now) so haven't been able to forward reports, although I don't know how much that would have helped. Last error started with "0XC00005". Any suggestions?

I have six RAM sticks, each one is 512MB. I thought this might be the problem and took out two of them. Crashed again. So put those back in and took out another two. Just crashed again. So am going to take out the last two, but odds are that this isn't the problem... I've been trying to find any pattern to the crashes--one commonality I found is that when I start up Adobe Bridge or go to a new folder in Bridge, the computer crashes. The computer is writing preview images, so possibly there is a sector of the HD that, whenever the computer hits, it crashes. I say this because it also crashed twice when trying to run a scan on the HD. Possibly when it hit that same spot. Any ideas of how to pinpoint the problem?

what have u installed recently, u might want to turn off "reboot on crash" control panel/system/advanced/system settings
and untick the auto reboot box
if this happens and u hear any sound from the hDD bet your bottom dollar it's the HDD crashing, if this happend when the computer is on doing nothing, check the CPU, ensure tgrease is goos and fan is working. when u boot up and u hear clicking sound the HDD is going, try running the HDD utility that came with the HDD, partition magic or partition commander are also good utility u can use to look ay whats going on with your HDD. but the manufactured HDD utitlity is the safest bet to start with

Just ruled out the last two sticks of RAM--computer just crashed again. I turned off the reboot but didn't hear any sound. The error code it gave on the blue screen was:
"0XC0000008E (0XC0000005, 0X80G2B21E, 0XA39AC31C, 0X00000000)" Does that shed any light?

you may also find some info in the event viewer
control panel>
admin tools>
event viewer>

Are u sure its a C and not a 0 at the first

Here's an update--yesterday, the problem was getting particularly bad. Started crashing every 10 minutes. I checked the net and saw one problem was not having Service Pack 2 loaded. So I loaded that and my computer ran well for the rest of the day and through til today. Then it crashed again. This time it said:
"0X00000050 (OXE40C22000, 0X00000000, 0X804FD7C1, 0X00000001)"
I just ran a chkdsk on the advice of the miscrosoft site. That was about an hour ago. Hasn't crashed yet, but I'm not holding my breath.