I have a Compaq Presario xp computer. I have tried to download 11 priority windows update. It always downloads and says successful but afterwards my modem runs and runs and runs. I shut my computer down and turn it back on. I might be on for an hr. and the modem will start running like it is downloading something...or it might take 10 minutes. Someone suggested that I turn off NOrton's and I tried that and it still did the same thing. So, I find that restoring a prior date stops this but I'm back to square 1 not being able to download these updates. Can anyone help me?

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Hi...ty for answering me. Here are the 11 priority updates for XP...Security updates KB885250, KB891711, KB871250
Winddows Malicious Software Removal Tool - KB890830
Security updates KB888302, KB890047, KB891781
Cumulative Security update for Internet Explorer 6 service Pk1 - KB867282
Security updates KB888113, KB87333 and KB890175

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