i am trying to run a live audio/video broadcast from my computer, i am using a external (creative sound blaster) audio card and an external (web tv) input device, both are usb. about 1 minute in to broadcasting my cpu max's out at 100% and it don't seem right. i just redid my computer so it is at tip top condition and has no viruses and or spy/ad ware on it. can anyone suggest anything that would give more resorce's to my cpu for broadcasting.

my system is:

dell inspiron 1100
windows xp
celeron(r) cpu 2.40 GHz
512 MB of ram

The first thing to check is to make sure you have all the correct drivers installed especially the motherboard drivers and the video drivers. Especially since you just re-did your computer. If it turns out that isn't the problem, next you should probably start checking for viruses/malware even though you don't think you have any, a computer can get infected so fast that you may already have some problems. If you've done that, and you're still having problems, you should probably check your processes tab on the task manager and try to see which particular process is eating up your cpu usage. It might give you a good clue how to progress from there.

Good Luck.

Download stinger.exe from Mcafee's website and remove/delete any viruses it finds. Disable all of the startup programs using the MS Config Utility. Also try using a spyware removal tool such as ADAWARE or SPYBOT

i do a virus scan and spy/ad ware check at least once a day.

and the processes are all normal.

msconfig is nothing new to me. i desable all start up files once a week. but the only ones that end up comming back are aol and well thats it?

A live audio/video webcast is going to require a pretty fast bit of pipe on your internet connection and plenty of memory on your system. Are you running a firewall? What are you using to broadcast the feed and have you tried cutting down the bitrate? What kind of internet connection do you have?

I think your processor is ok and 512MB RAM should be sufficient for memory.