I have a newer model dell that is running XP with IE 6 on it. I did some system maintenance last night now I having some problems with IE.
I decided to do the maintenance because I noticed it was running slower than normal.
I ran Spybot and scrapped some adware.
I did a system clean up.
I updated and ran my AVG antivirus for good measure even though it just ran earlier in the day.
And I did a full defrag.

Long story short...after all of this I logged in this morning I got an errot message saying - wkscalole.dll is not a valid windows image.
And when I launched IE I couldn't enter any data into the data fields. Example - when I goto Google I can't enter anything into the search field. It isn't just Google, this happens for all sites.
I can by the way enter data into the address bar of IE and move from site to site. Also if I double click in the data field it will bring up past entries and allow me to select them.
I don't think the wkscal error is apart of this problem, but rather something wrong with the Works Calendar, but who knows.

Any help anyone can provide is appreciated.



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I have already looked into it and that is the course of action that I planned to take if I can't find a solution.
Heck that maybe the best way to go either way. I hear Mozilla is awesome.
I do have to find a fix pretty quickly though since I take online college courses and have to be online in these sessions on a regular basis.


Yeah my little brother takes online courses ....Your shit out of luck if your comp goes down.
Getting a new browser :4 minutes
Finding a answer to IE problems: Priceless


I was having a problem with IE6, text lag,scrolling problems,error messages. After weeks of trying to solve the problem last night I happened to get to this site and someone had the same problem I was having. Your advice took care of the problem. Somehow the (format document with my style sheet was checked) as soon as I unchecked this IE works fine. It is a big relief to finally find a forum with knowlegable people. Thank You

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