I just recently moved my hardware to a new case/power supply (Antec Sonata case w/ 380 Truepower ps). I have also recently reinstalled windows and SP2 (this was before the case swap). Ever since then, If I leave my computer on and not doing anything, after about (I'm guessing 15-30 minutes) my moniter loses video sync (but the screen that would normally appear when there is no signal (that bouncing box) doesn't appear). The green light on the moniter goes orange. My optical mouse is still red but does not glow brigher when moved. The Numlock light on keyboard is still green but when I press numlock or capslock, nothing happens. The three finger salute doesn't work either (CTRL+ALT+DEL). I have to press reset on the case to get it back.

NOW here is the weird thing. If I open up winamp and have it continuously playing, I can leave my computer on for as many mp3's I have. I don't know much about PSU's, but could I possibly have a faulty one and that when winamp is playing, it is constantly drawing power, but if I have nothing running, could one (or multiple) rails drop below the required voltage which causes everything to stop responding (yet not to far as to shut the system down).

My temps are well below average (MB is 34 now and case is 25). I have 2 120mm vantec stealths in it). and my rails fluctuate around these numbers.
(I checked a few days ago and these are the results. the numbers are slightly different today)

+5.0v = 5.03 - 5.003
+12v = 11.791 - 11.619
-12v = -11.989 - 12.030
-5.0v = -4.976 - -5.026

VCore 0 1.632
BAT - 3.360 - 3.392
+5 VSB - 4.945 - 4.969

Also, my power saving features in windows are turned off and they are also turned off in my BIOS.

Barton 2500+
1GB Ram

Does ANYONE have any suggestions? It's driving me insane!