anybody can tell me what is the abbreviation of XP in windowsXP

IMO - MS wanted to associate it with Experience... [ They had said in their Press Release that this version will be a complete change in Computing Experience ] . THough If they had any meaning - I cannot be sure about it ;)

All I have to say is "HA". I love windows and how it has revolutionized computing but it's very buggy.

eXPerience a whole bunch of new holes, problems and other unstable windows features

industry2m: Hey! nice avatar!

I would agree with you... you just end up eXPeriencing a new, sometimes confusing interface, and you do come up with a lot of insecurities, as well.

What's going to be great is the number of people complaining about SP2 breaking P2P programs as Windows blocks more than 5 incomplete TCP connections... In one accord, they'll shout, "WHERE'S MY KAZAA!?!?!", as all of their connections keep getting broken.

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