I have a laptop with Win XPPro. It starts up to the standard Safe Boot screen and gives me the normal boot options all of which simply return me to the same screen. If I boot from the WinXP CD and go to Recovery Console is doesn't recognise Drive C. If I quit the Recovery Console and commence with a re-install it sees Drive C: as Partition2 [Unknown]. Are there any other options other than re-format and start from scratch - a very time consuming business as we all know!

pretty hare to do much if nothing see the hard drive ,chances are winxp disk will not see it to format it either ,drive maybe bad .

If I start a complete re-install of WinXP it sees the HD and the original partition as 'unkknown' format so I guess I'm in to a reformat reinstall?

i have seen that unknown before; and when you try to format you may or may not get it to format the drive