i have just downloaded the microsoft office 2007
in my PC

and when open the microsoft word and others this msg appers saying this ( in the picture below )

and when press next , no thing happens , just saying that the key used is not possible and some thing like that .

what to do ,

any help plz !

It means Microsoft is greedy. It wants to make sure your product is genuine, so you have to register with them.

If you downloaded it from Microsoft, they should have given you the key in some way. Note: have you confused a number 0 with a letter O or o, or a number 1 with a letter I or l?

I never heard of them downloading it. Usually you have to purchase CDs.

If you got it from someone else, you may have been rooked.

This kind of software-keyed system should be outlawed.

Another thing to add to the previous post is sometimes Microsoft ads the key on the plastic raper that most people would just put in the bin. So try finding every bit that came with the box as the key can be hidden in all sorts of places.