Hello im new to this site. I was wondering about some how making a server for my Tremulous Clan I have tried for 2 years to host my own and tried called posted and none can figure it out but I want to know if there is anyway I can get a free hosted maybe 15 slot server. I have a decent clan and we had a server but our hoster just up and left and never to be seen again its been months and I'm sure he was having financial issues, but is there anyway I can get a free hosted maybe 15 slot server PLEASE!!! it would be greatly appreciated Email me anything or post below at tremsfg@gmail.com I'm willing to maybe somehow make a deal of some sort. I know nothing about hosting a server port forwarding etc, anything would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Major Winters,

I have a few buddies who run a business in Kansas. They host GC's (gaming clans) sometimes for free depending on what kickback you might be able to offer. I can forward them your address, if you can let me know beforehand what you can offer. Even if you have a tie in to some decent advertising, you might have a shot. Otherwise you will have to pay them. So I will run middle-man for ya! Let me know...

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