I am having problems removing some spyware from machine. I have tried running AShampoo Anti-Spyware2, Spyware doctor along with also running AVG for good measure.

The Spyware comes up in a Window named Targeted, which does seem to still be running through IE.

Ive tried using Process Explorer which has really pinpointed the issue, but was wondering if anyone had advice on how I might get rid of this exteremly annoying apyware.

Im runing XP sp2 with IE6. Any more info required just let me know.

Thanks in advance... !!


I have tried both of what you suggested with no luck.

Naturally enough. Defender can't .. never mind. You are in the wrong forum; cart your plaint over to Viruses n Nasties, read and follow the top sticky. Post there.

he said "spyware".... defender is a start for knocking out basic spyware.

I have finally got rid of this nasty piece of spyware.

I downloaded the latest beta of spybot - search and destroy, www.betamarker.com

Ran it in safemode and bingo.

No more spyware, thanks for all your help guys.