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I was wondering is there any way to turn off complete test at startup:?:

assumming you mean the ram teast on boot up ,its may be changeable in the "BIOS" , not ,not all bios are the same though ,you may be able to change it .now if you mean some other programs complete test let me know ,also the name ans version #of the bios in you computer will help ,its at the top of the screen when you first turn the machine on.


no, no, no. i haven't meant that. i ment about complete test of avg antivirus. it turns on and slows up my startup


Hello ,I don't use avg antivirus now but have and you should be able to uncheckscan at startup in the preferences of the program ,if you can't find it let me know .i will install it on my test computer after and see where its at ,is the scan started after windows opens or before windows opens .


i can't find it

I just installed it also ,didn't find a scan at boot up ,but did find a task scheduler,it may be set for startup,also thought of this when install it ,in windows go to start /allprograms /startup /see if there is a icon for it in there if there is delete it ,this will stop it from running at startup

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