MS are at it again. I'm to the point that I may not even buy the next Xbox (name pending) that is how much I hate MS.

Are they EVER going to stop stomping on the little man? Don't they have enough already to last them throughout several generations to come? Does allowing other e-mail clients to use their POP servers really hurt that much?

I mean when is it going to end, they want EVERYTHING, they won't even allow for people to view the code of other programs such as Word, Powerpoint, etc. People figure it out anyway and then offer better programs for free.

Ok, end of rant, this was my problem...


They don't allow e-mail clients other than those from MS to be used to access your e-mail.

I personally started a new account at SoftHome.net, great stuff people, you can even use the period character in your address :D

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I had to go to my sisters house just to download a driver for my printer because the website only uses an IE program for downloading. Bad enough i had to pause winlogin process and change a systemfile just to delete this integrated crap.

I've deleted every stupid microsoft product on my computer except windows. :mad:

"We do nothing and we do nothing well."


When does that apply? I just retrieved my mail from Hotmail using Incredimail, so it still works.

Did you click on the link above? Now, I just read hotmail's reason as to why and it really isn't MS's fault, I suppose, but more or less the fault of SPAMMERS.

That said, mine worked fine as well until I started a new hotmail account.

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