Hi, I have a very old computer, its not even those ones that stand like towers. Its a compaq presario from way back in the day :lol: . Anyway i receive alot of pictures from my family back in scotland through email and i save on the comp, but i wanted to save them onto a disc and the only option i had was save to floppy. So my Aunt in Scotland told me i needed a DVR or something and that she had a spare one and would have my Mum bring it over. (Im in CA now). Anyway so i installed the thing today and it was so easy, but when i turned the computer back on nothing happened. I went into my pictures to see if there were new options to save to a cd, but nope.
Now when i was installing the thing, you know you put the power cord in the back. Well ive 2 cords (joint to each other) only one plug says C3 and the other C4. I just put the C3 back in. On the drawer of this new DVR it has "DVD ROM" "COMPACT DISC REWRITEABLE HIGH SPEED". Im "computer no brains", so could someone please help me and please put it in a language a kid would understand. Thank You

I presume you have checked your cmos and set the dvd/r to slave. Plug in board-slave-master.

Thank you thepom11 for replying to my post. Unfortunately i have no idea of what u mean, how do i set the dvd/r to do anything and what is the board slave master. I know im really bad at this computer stuff but could you please get back to me. I really want to save pictures onto a cd-r. Thanks